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Poinsettias radiate Christmas charm during the festive season, thanks to their star-shaped bracts and bright colors. For many people, they’re just as much a part of Christmas as a wreath. So why not combine the two? Here, design experts at Stars for Europe showcase a range of clever DIY ideas for wreaths with poinsettias to suit every style and taste.

by Starsuniteeurope at 10/29/2020

Hanging gems in the trending Green Living style

An on-trend arrangement in a Green Living style. This floating display is a space-saving alternative to the classic Christmas wreath. Its elegant appearance makes it look more difficult than it is: you can easily create it at home.

The base of this arrangement consists of a straw wreath covered with moss and privet berries, to which pine and lichen-covered branches are wired. Poinsettias are placed in flower tubes filled with water.

This is a Nobilis fir wreath with four candleholders and candles fixed on top. Cones, hanging larch twigs and cut poinsettias are all wired onto the wreath, and extra poinsettias are attached in flower tubes filled with water.

With eight candles instead of the usual four, this hanging wreath of candles is not your typical Advent wreath, but a striking alternative for those who like it less traditional. Decorated with baubles, twigs and miniature poinsettias, this floating candleholder is a beautiful festival focal point.

Step by Step: an alternative Advent arrangement for vintage lovers

The base for this alternative Christmas display is a vintage metal tray. It’s easy to create with a cozy country look, and it doesn’t even need any pine or fir. You will need a round tray, four pillar candles, a sphere of foam, poinsettias, moss, cones, water and garden scissors.

You will need a round vintage style tray, four pillar candles, a bowl, a foam sphere, poinsettias, moss, cones, water and garden scissors.

Step 1: First place the foam sphere in water until it is thoroughly soaked.

Step 2: Cut off the poinsettia bracts and insert them close together in the foam sphere. Important: to ensure that the cut poinsettia stems remain fresh for up to two weeks, first immerse the cut stems in 60 ° C hot water for a few seconds immediately after cutting, and then in cold water.

 Step 3: Finally, arrange the poinsettia sphere, candles and cones on the tray and fill the empty space with moss.

Needle-free bowl arrangements

Bowl containers make a perfect base for creative Advent wreaths, as the following three ideas show, all of which go without traditional pine and spruce.

This romantic Christmas display is easy to make in no time. Simply place a soaked sphere of floral foam in a suitable bowl or tray and decorate it by inserting candles, cut poinsettias, roses, hydrangeas and branches of berries. When used as cut flowers, poinsettias add colorful accents to arrangements while keeping that Christmassy touch. To make sure they stay fresh for longer, immerse the stems in hot water (approx. 60 ° C) for a few seconds immediately after cutting and then immediately in cold water.

Chic industrial style with natural, warm notes. To create an elegant Advent wreath which echoes the urban blush tones of this room, a concrete bowl is planted with mini poinsettias and succulents. A metal candle-stand ring supports tall candles in soft pink, and the piece is decorated with pine cones and dried clematis tendrils.

This miniature Advent display fits on the smallest table and would also make a perfect pre-Christmas present. To create it yourself, simply plant mini poinsettias and echeveria succulents in a small ceramic bowl and incorporate four candle holder spikes, then fill the gaps with fresh green moss. Finally, add matching candles. Done!

Poinsettias are available in a wide range of colors and sizes. Especially when used as cut flowers or with delicate mini-poinsettias, they’re so versatile you can create all kinds of festive arrangements. Adding pine in combination with poinsettias makes it easy to create beautiful Advent wreaths in no time.

Reminiscent of a blazing campfire, this natural-style arrangement features spruce, pine and juniper branches, cones and cut poinsettias in various warm colors. It’s quick and easy to create by making a base on a plate with a soaked sphere of floral foam, and adding matching candles.

A simple and effective idea is to arrange colorful mini poinsettias side by side on a flat plate or tray. Frame them with green pine branches for a beautiful alternative Advent wreath, which can be put together in no time. You can place four Advent candles loosely around the design.

Step by step: how to make floating wooden ring of poinsettias

This  impressive wreath made of suspended wooden planks forms a show stopping display for the festive season. You can do it yourself with a bit of skill and time. You’ll need five wooden planks of equal length, four poinsettias with planters, four spiked wreath candle holders, four candles, adhesive tack, thick wool cord, jute string and ribbons, plus pine twigs, larch, holly and a star for decoration. The tools needed are a cordless screwdriver, screws, a drill and a glue gun with sticks.

Step 1: The first step is to build a wooden framework by joining the five wooden planks together in the shape of a pentagon. To do this, first form a downward open V-shape using two planks, and then place a third plank on top of this. Then cross the two remaining planks at the ends and lay them over the V on the opposite side. Finally, screw the planks together at the overlapping points.

Step 2: Drill four holes for the candle holder spikes. To do this, drill two holes in the wooden plank that was first placed over the open V at the bottom, and one hole in the middle of each of the two opposite planks.

Step 3: Insert the candle holders into the pre-drilled holes. For a secure hold, fix them with adhesive tack.

Step 4: Then glue the planters to the planks. As with the candle holders, fix two planters on one board and the other two on the opposite planks.

Step 5: Wrap string around the planks at each of the five hanging points. Knot it and let one long end hang down at each corner. Next, knot the five long ends together to form a loop at the desired length. Cut the decorative ribbon and wool cord to the same length, and tie them to the loop, ready to be hung.

Step 6: Hang the wreath and decorate with twigs and holly, using string for fixing. Place candles on the candle holders. To be on the safe side, glue them in place.

Step 7: Finally, place the poinsettias in the planters. Finished!