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In this magnificent Advent wreath with cut poinsettias, pomp and luxury are taken up a notch and shine the spotlight on the festive aspect of Christmas. It’s easier to make than one might think. And even those who are not so artistically inclined will achieve great results.
If you want to make this Baroque eye-catcher yourself, you will need poinsettias, eucalyptus and berried twigs, moss, floral foam ring with plastic tray, glass goblet, baubles, candle holders, taper candles as well as pruning shears for cutting the poinsettias.
And here’s how it’s done:
Step 1: Soak the floral foam, as per instructions. Fill the glass vase with baubles. Anchor the candle holders in the floral foam. Position the foam ring on the rim of the vase. Insert the candles in the candle holders.
Step 2: Cover the floral foam with moss. Arrange eucalyptus and berried twigs in flowing lines.
Step 3: Cut the poinsettias. Dip briefly in hot water, then immediately in cold water to stop the flow of sap. Insert the flowers around the sides of the foam.
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