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Here the experts at Stars for Europe showcase various styles in which poinsettias are the star of the show, and explain how these stunning looks can be recreated within your own home.
The heart of any festive scene, the Christmas Tree, draws upon the wonder of nature, so it is only natural that we look to replicate this style elsewhere within our homes. Poinsettias – also highly recognisable as a festive bloom – are the perfect way of creating calming and warming interior displays; displays which tap into the current trend for placing nature at the centre of the design.
Creating a green sanctuary
Christmas is a time when our homes become a rich tapestry of green and this year is set to be no different. A key trend for Christmas 2020 will see nature lovers create a winter forest within their homes, using bare twigs, cones and other natural materials to decorate all corners of their living spaces in a truly ‘green’ way. Forget plastics and artificial materials, the green trend is most notable for the fact it pulls materials directly from nature to make truly stunning, unique and authentic centrepieces.
Central to this trend will be a rustic wooden table, complemented with bare walls in subtle colours and an undecorated fir tree. Stars of the display will be poinsettias, and accessories in shades of gold, red and silver for a traditional and timeless style.
To add a vintage touch to this green style, introduce cream poinsettia into your design. Contrasting beautifully with the dark tones of green and unstripped wood, cream poinsettias create a warm and welcoming look, and one that harks back to Christmas of yesteryear.
The natural look lends itself perfectly to handmade décor projects. The classic wreath, made up of fir cones and Christmas tree snippets, is the perfect blank canvas for poinsettias. Here poinsettias can be the literal star of the show.
A winter wonderland in white
White poinsettias are a far cry from the bright reds we so often associate with this festive bloom – the ideal solution for creating a magical snowy look. Paired with silver, or enchanting gold, white poinsettia provides a crisp colour accent to winter wonderland themes.
Christmas Blush
Whether in fashion, cosmetics or interior design, blush pink tones continue to prove endlessly popular. This Christmas it is possible to incorporate these colours into your festive displays, with poinsettias in warm shades such as apricot, rose, pink or salmon, all available.
Pink poinsettias combined with silver accents make for a romantic and contemporary design, or why not introduce other blooms such as roses, hydrangeas and branches of berries to create a gorgeous centrepiece or combine with bamboo and rattan to create a cosy display with tall candles or even fairy lights.
Think differently!

Creating handmade decorative pieces with poinsettias could not be easier. Here are some simple ideas which will transform your interior spaces this festive season.

1) A planted bowl with cream poinsettias placed in a nest of twigs and dried flowers makes a beautiful, natural display.
2) Add height with a vintage style ladder, adorned with poinsettias, candles and a wreath made of dried flowers for a display worthy of your favourite glossy lifestyle magazine!
3) For that perfect country chic look, combine the vibrancy of a poinsettia with rustic materials such as wicker baskets. Or why not create a uniqe window hanging, by combining a wooden tray, rustic string and terracotta potted poinsettias. Decorate with stars and other Christmas decorations to bring the look together.
4) Mix dried flowers and fresh flowers together to maximise textures. Twigs from the garden or bulrush reeds add height, whilst poinsettias paired with acorns, pine cones and ivy create low level displays that trawl across the dinning table, or along fireplaces.
5) Add single blooms to places that might normally be neglected for décor. The classic Christmas nut bowl can become elevated by considered design. Why not display on a rustic wooden tray, alongside jars of your favourite sweets, or classic festive foods such as oranges and dates, and add single blooms to make for an even more enticing part of your festive snacking.
6) Cut flowers are one of the easiest ways to add colour to any room. When cutting the poinsettia a top tip is to dip the cut surfaces of the poinsettia stems first for a few seconds in approx. 60°C hot water and then immediately in cold water, then place them in flower tubes filled with water. Whether you are displaying a single colour or creating a display that features a rainbow of colour, cut flowers can be added to any room or corner of your home.