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Whether as a gaily-coloured Advent decoration or an original alternative to the classic Christmas tree, a branch hung with colourful Christmas baubles is always a great eye-catcher.
In the picture above, some of the baubles have been repurposed into tiny vases that beautifully display the cut poinsettias in various colour shades.
In this example, a big larch branch provides the perfect basis for Christmas decorations with natural flair. Ceramic pots with poinsettia miniatures are hung on leather cords. This decoration looks especially beautiful with glass ornaments in up-to-the-minute shades of copper and violet, shiny or mother-of-pearl.
This hanging decoration on the right is attached on a string to the top of a wardrobe. The basis here is also a larch branch with Christmassy accessories. But here the poinsettias are inserted in simple shabby-chic clay pots, creating a look that fits in especially well in living spaces with vintage flair.
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