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This little DIY tree made of bundled logs is a Christmas tree and Advent calendar in one.
Red poinsettia miniatures, decoratively wrapped Advent calendar packages and a measuring stick folded into the shape of a large star turn this tree into an original eye-catcher for the Christmas season. And on Christmas Eve, when all the packages have been opened, the tree offers ample space for additional decorations.
You will need: approx. 70 same-length fairly straight logs, sturdy rope, six to eight poinsettia miniatures in planter pots, Advent calendar packages, cones, pine greens, baubles and a folding measuring stick.
And here’s how it’s done: First, arrange the logs in four circular groups of different sizes and wind ropes around the outsides to bind them together securely. Next, stack the bundles on top of one another to make a Christmas tree shape. A single log on the top serves as the crown. For improved stability, it should be glued or screwed together.
Once the tree is built, fold the measuring stick into a star shape and hot-glue it to the “crown” of the tree. Arrange the poinsettia miniatures, baubles, cones, pine greens and Advent calendar packages on the different tree levels. Done!
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