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All those who are creative and value elegance will love this stylish DIY arrangement with white and cream-coloured cut poinsettias in a glass vase covered with parchment paper.

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To make it, you will need white and cream-coloured poinsettias, a glass vase, parchment paper, paste, birch branches, lunaria inflorescence, dried grasses, glass tubes and a Christmas bauble. Additionally, a vase, rubber gloves, pruning shears and a knife. And here’s how it’s done:
Tear parchment paper into squares. Upend the glass vase and place it on a second vase or similar object. Next, brush paste on the pieces of paper and stick them to the glass vase, beginning at the bottom, until it is covered to the rim.
Cut the lunaria and grasses to the desired length and attach with additional parchment paper around the vase. Trim the birch twigs as well and arrange them in the vase without water. Next, insert the glass tubes in the spaces and fill them with water.
Cut individual stems off the poinsettia plant and remove the lower leaves. Then cut the stems at an angle and seal the ends by dipping them first in approx. 60°C water for a few seconds, then in cold water. Now arrange the cut poinsettias in the glass tubes.
Finish off the arrangement with lunaria, Christmas baubles and dried grasses. Done! Tip: As long as the glass tubes are refilled with fresh water from time to time, this poinsettia decoration will stay beautiful for up to two weeks.
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