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Mini arrangement with cut poinsettia
E Presentation with power: In the gaily-coloured mini arrangement in the foreground, holly and switch grass help put a cut poinsettia in the spotlight. The brightly-coloured floral foam cubes in the simple glass vase make this unusual deco idea perfect. Tip: For the greatest possible impact do up several of these and present them in a group.
If you want to make this colourful deco idea, you will need: a poinsettia plant, glass vase, switch grass (Panicum elegans ‘Frosted Explosion’), sprigs of holly and coloured floral foam cubes.
And here’s how it’s done: Soak the floral foam cubes in water for about five minutes until they are fully saturated.
Then fill 2/3 of the glass vase with coloured floral foam cubes. Insert the switch grass, holly and cut poinsettia. Done!
Tip: The poinsettia will stay beautiful for up to two weeks if the stems are sealed immediately after cutting. To do this, dip the stem in approx. 60°C water for a few seconds, then in cold water.
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