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Miniature landscapes with living plants are very on trend. In the Christmas season compelling winter scenarios with poinsettias are all the rage and make not only children’s hearts jump for joy. Here we introduce a range of miniatures landscapes with poinsettias that will not only turn heads at home but also make original hostess gifts during the Advent and Christmas season.
DIY miniature landscapes with poinsettias and fairy lights in glass containers make a beautiful decoration and gift idea for the holiday season. Hanging in a sunny spot in a room, this miniature Christmas garden in a glass ball is a great eye-catcher from all sides. All that’s required to make it: a sufficiently large open glass ball for hanging, strong cord, a poinsettia, larch twigs, wood chips, LED fairy lights, artificial snow and tiny Christmas figurines (here we have Mr & Mrs Claus).And here’s how it’s done: First hang up the glass ball on a sturdy cord at a comfortable working level and arrange larch twigs and wood chips inside. Carefully set the poinsettia in its decorative pot in the glass and decorate it with the fairy lights, cones, artificial snow and figurines. Arrange a larch branch down along the string and into the opening of the glass ball. Done!
A decorative storm lantern also makes a suitable frame for a miniature Christmas landscape. The advantage over the glass ball is that the storm lantern can be used as a hanging decoration or on the table. On centre stage in this snowy winter landscape stands a red poinsettia in a matching planter pot. Tiny figurines, little fences, pine cones and LED fairy lights further enhance the Christmas mood and add festive sheen.
Important: Avoid placing such glass containers in direct sunlight, as the air inside them will heat up quickly and be too warm for the plants. Water moderately on a regular basis. Excess dryness should be avoided as much waterlogging. If the glass panes fog up this is an indication of high humidity inside the container, which can be alleviated with proper ventilation.
Christmas wonderland in a box
You can create a two-storey Christmas wonderland with a flick of the wrist in an upended dresser drawer, which becomes an invitation to peek and play. Simply place a poinsettia in a planter pot in the drawer and adorn the spaces around it with lots of miniature decorations and a bit of artificial snow. A little fir tree with fairy lights in the background adds even more Christmas flair. Tip: A wide selection of miniature-sized decorations can be found in model-making stores and online shops.
Winter forest with a poinsettia
Amidst a playfully romantic wintry forest landscape, this poinsettia instantly conjures up a festive atmosphere with a dream world for both tall and small. This charming DIY idea is quick and easy to make. Simply place a poinsettia in a decorative pot on a flat slab of natural wood and adorn the top with animal figurines, artificial snow and tiny wintry fir trees. Tip: Hot glue will keep the decorations in place.
Upcycling: Wintry poinsettia landscape with angels
Even the smallest kids can help make this beautiful deco idea in up-to-the-minute upcycling style. All you need are two old cooking pots of different sizes or similar containers, poinsettias, potting soil, cotton wool, artificial snow as well as angels, tiny ladders, fences and any other items suitable for decorating the angel world. And this is how it’s done:
Step 1: Fill both cooking pots with potting soil and stack them with the smaller one on top. Important: To make sure that enough space is left for planting inside the rim of the bottom pot, there should be an adequate difference in size between the two.
Step 2: Plant white and cream-coloured poinsettias in the top pot and around the inside rim of the bottom one. Leave enough space for additional decorations on at least one side.
Step 3: Cover the soil with white cotton wool.
Step 4: Sprinkle artificial snow loosely over the cotton wool.
Step 5: Finally, adorn the wintry poinsettia landscape with angels and other deco elements to your liking. Your enchanted winter wonderland is done! !
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