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Divine beauty, sweet as sugar, wonderfully traditional, simply elegant or in trendy colour schemes: Here come the Advent wreath ideas for the next Christmas celebration.
Trendy bauble wreath in stylish pastels
Sensual and sweet – pastels are another trend in this year’s Christmas season.Everywhere you look are also stylish wreaths adorned with Christmas baubles.If you want to make your own designs, hot-glue several glass balls in different pastel shades to each other. Alternatively, you can glue the glass balls to a wreath base and fill in the spaces with fresh greens. For the floral aspect, remove the crown caps from some of the glass balls, add water and insert cut poinsettias. The other baubles have their caps facing inward. With a few pine twigs and four candles in candle holders, the pre-Christmas decoration is complete. Garden centres and nurseries have the right poinsettia varieties on hand. With their variegated bracts they almost appear as if blushing.
Sweet and simple
The full Advent imagery with just a few accessories. A golden plate holds four candles, baubles, cones and cut poinsettias in water tubes. A sufficient water supply will keep the bracts fresh for up to two weeks. Dip the freshly-cut stems briefly in 60°C water, then immediately in cold water.
For traditionalists
An Advent wreath idea for all those who love traditional designs at Christmas time: Insert two small floral foam bricks in a round wicker basket and anchor candle holders in the foam. Arrange poinsettia miniatures in the wreath. Fill in the spaces with moss, berries and Christmas ornaments. Tip: Choose special poinsettias! Cultivars with frilly bracts will make a simple wreath look more opulent.
True blue!
If you dare to choose bold colours, an Advent wreath with that special something can be made with a flick of the wrist. Here, red cut poinsettias in water-filled tubes are combined with brilliant blue taper candles and golden accessories!
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