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From autumn, the poinsettia will conquer people’s hearts with its diverse colors and growth forms! The beautiful winter bloomer presents itself as a versatile houseplant that can also be displayed very decoratively together with other plants. The decoration experts from Stars for Europe show colorful room decorations with poinsettias, which are particularly easy to implement at the beginning of the poinsettia season!

“Green Spirit”: The living room will be green – and colorful!

Indoor plants play an important role in the modern green living trend. They run like a green thread through life. The location preferences of the poinsettia correspond to those of many other houseplants, so that they can be easily combined with these. From October, especially in the colors apricot and creamy white, poinsettias set seasonal color accents between the lush green leaves of permanent guests such as indoor palm, dwarf pepper or window leaf. The delicate shades of color combine all the elements in a gentle way and also reconcile the various shades of green in the finest possible way.

Tip: Groups of plants are more beautiful than individual specimens, especially if you choose the pots in as neutral colors as possible. Stone gray is ideal. Whether glossy or matt – both fit.

Warm autumn tones

The colors apricot, terracotta orange and burgundy red go perfectly together and bring a touch of late summer with them. This fits ideally into the time frame, because the colorful world of poinsettias opens up as early as October and complements the seasonally independent, broad spectrum of decorative leaf plants for interiors. Terracotta is the material of choice for planters. The material is a classic that never goes out of style – just like the poinsettie!

Delicate, trendy blush tones

 In fashion and cosmetics, equally as a furnishing trend. In fashion, the delicate rosé is considered extremely flattering, with blush, the blush, conjures up new freshness in the face in no time at all. When it comes to living, the following applies: the more restrained the environment, the more beautiful the effect that can be set with blush as a color accent.

Poinsettias in blush tones conquer hearts from October. The red-colored bracts of the plants look particularly modern in combination with ocher-colored accessories, because this gives the rosé a special depth. But even in combination with pink, you can’t escape the magic of the delicate colors!

Hanging shelves are wonderfully suited as living room dividers. Your advantage: they can be redecorated seasonally in a few simple steps by changing the flowering plants. In winter, it just has to be poinsettias that share the rails with their succulent colleagues. If you want to go with the zeitgeist, you can choose delicate blush tones and combine them with pink!

As if the room was blushing! As discreet as the poinsettias in trendy blush tones appear at first, they have it all behind their ears. The delicate colors ensure that we fall in love with our home in no time.

Natural country house charm

The natural charm of country life seems simple, but it can do a lot. Vintage elements are lovingly combined with furnishings in a more modern design. The material is very important, it should be as natural as possible. With this trend, poinsettias move into the house as everyday companions even before Advent and give a seasonally independent basic decoration a fresh look. The possibilities are diverse and range from small accents to full flower power. Why not display a whole row of pots on a ledge or wicker baskets with the pretty winter flowers?

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