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Wreaths with poinsettias are beautiful, festive eye-catchers. This hanging decoration is based on a metal ring that is wrapped in clematis vines and decorated with scented eucalyptus and pine twigs. A bright-red poinsettia in the centre of the wreath automatically draws all the attention. With the right materials and a bit of skill, you can make this original hanging decoration yourself.

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To replicate this floating wreath, in addition to a bit of experience in arts & crafts, you will need a poinsettia, a metal ring, clematis vines, eucalyptus, pine and larch twigs, glass jar, jute string, wool felt, gold wire, wrapping wire, tie wire and ribbons as well as a hot glue gun and glue sticks, scissors, pruning shears and a twister.
And here’s how it’s done: First of all, prepare the pot for the poinsettia by cutting the felt to size, wrapping it around the jar and securing with hot glue. The glue will prevent the felt from slipping.
Next, wrap gold wire around the felt-covered jar in a criss-cross pattern. This not only looks pretty but also affixes the felt cover securely.
I In the third step, loop two lengths of wrapping wire around the jar and attach the ends to both sides of the metal ring (in the lower half). Important: Pull the wires taut and tightly twist the ends with the twister.
In the fourth step, conceal the wrapping wire with jute string, tie it to the ring and trim the ends.
In the fifth step, hang up the wire ring, arrange clematis vines around it and affix with tie wires. If desired, the vines can be painted gold beforehand.
Adorn two-thirds of the finished frame with different types of florals. Suitable materials include pine twigs, eucalyptus, cones or ivy. Secure the pine twigs where necessary with the twister.
In the seventh step, set the poinsettia in the felt-covered jar.
Finally, decorate the ring with a variety of ribbons. Tie the centre of each ribbon to the top, allowing the ends to flow down past the bottom of the ring. Hang accessories on gold wires in the wreath. Done!
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