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This enchanting poinsettia cone for the tree can be made with a flick of the wrist – even if you aren’t very experienced in arts & crafts.
You will need a poinsettia miniature, plastic cone vase, construction paper, tinsel ribbon, hot glue gun and glue sticks and an awl.
And here’s how it’s done: Punch two holes in the rim of the cone vase. Wrap construction paper around the cone and secure with hot glue. Extend the holes through the paper, draw the tinsel ribbon through the holes and tie knots. Hang the cone on the Christmas tree. Set the poinsettia miniature in the vase. Done!
Christmas tree ornaments can also be made with cut poinsettias in no time.
Simply cut the poinsettia stems and insert in glass tubes that have been tied to the tree with jute string. Tip: Cut poinsettias will keep for up to two weeks if the flow of sap is stopped right after cutting the stems by dipping them in 60°C water for a few seconds, then immediately in cold water.
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